Gun scare locks Killdeer campus down

Dunn County Sheriff Gary Kuhn and his deputies are investigating the early morning call Nov. 14 which led to Killdeer School being locked down for hours.

Staff Report

On a day when a school shooting cost two lives in another state, Killdeer Public School was locked down because a phone call alerted the administration that a student might have brought a weapon on campus.
The shooting at Saugus High School in the California suburb of Santa Clarita left two students dead and three injured.
According to a statement issued by Killdeer Superintendent Gary Wilz, the school got the call at about 8:30 a.m. Thursday (Nov. 14).
“The school received a phone call around 8:30 a.m. today in which the caller stated that a student was possibly in possession of a firearm.
“We immediately went into lockdown.
“Law enforcement and administration jointly searched classrooms and determined the student was not in school.
“The Dunn County Sheriff’s Office is continuing the investigation into this matter. “The Killdeer School remains vigilant in keeping students safe,” the superintendent added.

Following guidelines
The school followed established procedures after receiving a warning of a possible weapon on the campus, according to officials.
It was the second time in seven months that the school was put in lockdown.
In late April, the school went on a “soft lockdown” at about 1 p.m. on a Monday. That investigation was also handled by the Dunn County Sheriff’s Office.


Killdeer PD response
According to Killdeer Police Chief Eric Braaten, the police department responded quickly to the campus.
In a realease issued Nov. 14, the police were notified of the problem at 8:57 a.m. and the on-duty officer reponded within 90 seconds.
Two more officers, who were off-duty, also were at the scene within four minutes after the call.


Sheriff investigating
In addition, the Dunn County Sheriff Office has issued a press release a few hours later about the lockdown Thursday morning.
“Shortly before 9 a.m. this morning, the Killdeer School went into lockdown for reports of a student with a firearm.
“Law enforcement in the area immediately responded and secured the school,” the press release stated.
In addition, the press release stated the school staff did an excellent job in their lockdown procedures.
The school was searched and found no weapon on the campus.
“There is no active threat at this time,” the release stated.
Dunn County Sheriff’s Office said it is currently investigating the matter.
The DCSO thanked the following agencies for responding and assisting in securing and searching the campus: North Dakota Highway Patrol, Stark County Sheriff’s Office, Killdeer Police Department, Southwest Tactical Team and the Killdeer Area Ambulanc.
“We are extremely thankful we had so many law enforcement responding to assist as well as the Killdeer School Staff in their response to lockdown procedures.
“We are committed to keeping the students and staff safe in the schools in our community and thank everyone involved for their quick response,” the release concluded.

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