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Everyone knows I like kids. I guess maybe it’s because I’m still pretty much an older kid.

I often think of an old friend that passed away several years ago. He was Peg O’Neil from Killdeer. One time Peg gave me a quote that I still remember.

“I wouldn’t wish any kid to get in trouble. But I really wouldn’t want a kid that wasn’t at least capable of it.”

What got me to recalling Peg was a visit with a friend down in Harding County the other night. We were on the way home from Belle Fourche and stopped in Buffalo for supper.

This young father stopped at our table to visit for a bit. To protect the guilty, I suppose I had better not use the family name, but suffice it to say that he is the father of twin boys.

Now the twins are pretty well known in that corner of the state. I guess they are probably around 10 years old. And if I am wrong I am sure they will forgive me.

This past week they got in a little trouble. Nothing serious mind you. They were visiting in band class. Again.

Now it’s been 50 years or better since I was in band class, but I can relate to “visiting” in band class. I mean if you play the trumpet or the sax and you don’t have to blow on that horn for a while what are you supposed to do? Just sit there?

Anyway, they were visiting and the instructor had enough of it. The boys were reprimanded and sent to the principal’s office.

The principal, who seems to be a wise and just person, asked the twins, “What do you think I should do with you?”

One of the twins quickly responded, “I think a stern lecture would be good, and then possible detention if we do it again!”

I just can’t see that these boys have a very good future in crime.



Dean Meyer is a former legislator and ranches in southwest North Dakota. He has been a columnist around the state for years.                                                                                 

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