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Ainsley Hayden





An open letter from Cheri Roshau, the adviser for the Killdeer HOSA chapter:


Thank you, Dunn County friends and businesses! If it were not for your generosity and support, the “Fabulous HOSA 13” would not have been able to participate in one of the nation’s largest venues for young people seeking and studying health careers.
It is with great pleasure that I announce that our Killdeer HOSA members returned from a very educational and stimulating event as they engaged in challenging health careers exp

Our group is a small grain of sand among the 245,000 HOSA members!
I congratulate our very own Garrett Calkins for being recognized as one of 19 Outstanding HOSA Leaders at the 42nd International Leadership Conference.
This recognition is an elite award that encompasses the HOSA member’s commitment to health careers, volunteerism, community dedication and integrity!
Many of you may not realize this, but Garrett is now employed with the Killdeer Ambulance.
Congratulations also go out to Ainsley Hayden who received her third place award in Health Career Exploration!

Cherie Roshau & Garrette Calkins

Cherie Roshau also was given the honor of receiving an Award of Merit as an Outstanding HOSA Advisor.
Our North Dakota HOSA representatives (including chaperones and advisors) totaled 94. Our Killdeer team, including chaperones and advisors, was 18.
The Killdeer HOSA group was nearly 20 percent representing our state of the North Dakota at the national leadership conference.
These young adults give us another reason to have a deep pride and respect for our Killdeer educational system.
The following “pride of KPS” students attended the 2019 International HOSA Leadership Conference: Garrett Calkins, Brendon Gibson, Madison Wilhelm, Tyra Dahlen, Kaitlyn Warren, Hatten Kleeman, Maddy Mills, Molly Nies, Chelsey Morlock, Gracie Doe, Abby Sadowsky, Cheyanne Gallant, and Ainsley Hayden.
Thank you to our superb and dedicated chaperones: Sarah

Garrett Calkins
submitted photos

Doe, Chad Calkins, Carey Hayden, Cherie Roshau and Lucinda Nygard Lien (Killdeer Ambulance).
The bottom line is this: we would not have been able to send these young people to the health care leadership conference without the incredible, wonderful and generous support of our DUNN COUNTY FRIENDS!
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!


Garrett Calkins
























Gracie Doe, Cheyanne Gallant, Maddy Mills, Hatten Kleemann
HOSA in Florida




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