HOSA strikes ‘Red Gold’ in blood drive

The Killdeer chapter of HOSA held a blood drive Monday afternoon in the Killdeer Ambulance facility. Approximately 20 people stopped to donate blood. Submitted photo

It may have been hastily rescheduled by a recent storm, but the members of Killdeer’s HOSA group were able to pull off a blood drive Monday at the Killdeer Ambulance building.

By Brad Mosher

The Herald

The local HOSA (Health Occupations Students of America) chapter handled approximately 20 people who stopped by the ambulance facility to donate blood, according to Cherie Roshau, the adviser for the  group of junior high and high school students.

“This was a little bit smaller because we had a shorter window of time to collect blood,”Roshau said. “There is a real shortage of blood in the state because of the storm. But, there also is a shortage of personnel to draw the blood as well. People just weren’t able to go in who normally would go in to donate blood in larger areas. They were all shut down out east. They couldn’t even travel here last Thursday (March 14).”

According to Roshau, the HOSA chapter usually does hold a blood drive each year. “Next year, we are going to try two blood drives. It will just be a matter of coordinating it with school calendars, blood drive calendars and location calendars,” she said.

“My HOSA kids provided the snacks, the water, the juices, the cookies, the crackers,” Roshau explained. “Our students are also working toward earning a ‘Red Cord’. It is a big honor which used to be with the United Blood Services (based in Bismarck) but now it is Vitalant. By the time they are a senior and graduate, they either donate three times or they work a full blood drive three times.

“It is an honor cord. It is a huge recognition for these kids to be able to give back to people,” Roshau said.

There are some people who donate blood for a friend or loved one, she explained. “There is a lady that came in earlier who gives every year because her daughter literally was saved by donated blood. Her daughter was hemorrhaging and they used 17 units of blood in her before they were able to save her. If it weren’t for the blood, which had been donated, she would have died.

“Donating blood is a very important gift that we give … that precious ‘Red Gold’,” Roshau added.

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