Killdeer FFA succeeds in Stanley

Twelve members of the Killdeer FFA Chapter competed in the Livestock Evaluation, Agronomy, and Agricultural Sales Career Development Events (CDEs) Feb. 2 in Stanley.

It was an excellent first contest to start off the judging season. These events provide valuable learning opportunities that can transfer into a future career.

Livestock Evaluation provides participants with an opportunity to test their skills in the judging and selection of livestock.

This CDE also measures the student’s knowledge in the following categories: to make accurate observations of livestock; to determine the desirable traits in animals; to make logical decisions based on these observations; to discuss and defend their decisions for their placing; to install an appreciation for desirable human selection, management and marketing techniques; to gain a basic understanding of the livestock industry.

The marketing of agricultural products is the key to profitability in today’s competitive economy, and agricultural sales play a major role in this marketing process for a large segment of agribusinesses.

Through this event, students will have the opportunity to prepare for careers in sales by participating in activities oriented around the sales process.

To create interest and promote understanding in agronomy by providing opportunities for recognition through the demonstration of skills and proficiencies.

Selection of Seed Grain (placing & reasons);  Crops and Weeds – Seed and Plant Identification; Grain Marketing;  Pest Management – Insects & Disorders; Equipment Management; and Soils are all portions of the  contest.

It was a very successful day, and for many of the members, it was their first competitio n ever!

The results of the day are as follows:

Livestock Evaluation:

1st  Place Gold Team.

Individual  Results:

Ian Dukart – 3rd place, Shadera Burian – 5th place, Iris Dukart – 6th place,  Jaylynn Hicks – 19th place

Agricultural Sales:

3rd Place Team

Individual  Results:

Faith Norby –  1st Place High Individual, Ean Larsen – 17th place, Jesse  Hicks – 20 th place, Weston LaPierre – 21st place

Agronomy –

6th Place Team

Individual Results: 

Rachel Knopik – 16th place, Kaidence Fox – 28th place,  Danielle Dobitz    33rd place, Claire McFadden    37th place

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