Killdeer golfers tee up for indoor practices

The Killdeer golfers don’t have to worry about how cold or windy it is … or how much snow will be on the ground.

The Cowboys will instead be keeping nice and warm when they start practicing on the new golf simulator at the High Plains Community Center.

By Brad Mosher

The Herald

According to Robert Thompson, the manager at the Medicine Hole Legends Golf Course north of the city, there has been a donation which will pay the cost for the team to use the indoor golf simulator for practicing when the weather is bad outside.

“They will be using the golf simulator and we will set up nets for them to hit into in the gymnasium,” Thompson said in a recent interview.

“I believe we have about 25 kids right now. I feel like we’ll have a pretty healthy golf turnout,” he said.

How long the golf team will stay indoors will entirely depend on the weather, Thompson explained. “Last year, we didn’t open the golf course until April 27. That was the first day we allowed people on the course. It may be that way again this year, I don’t know yet,” he added. “It depends on hw quickly the place warms up and the ground thaws out.”

The golf machine at HPCC has become very popular since it opened several months ago, according to Thompson. “Monday through Thursday, it has been pretty much booked all week. A lot of folks have got the bug. They love the golf machine.”

According to Thompson, there are going to be a couple of kids coming back with the Cowboys who will have a chance to qualify for the state golf tournament. “We are kind of excited about it. This is just my second year with them (the golf team). I think we have got some good kids and got a chance (at state).

“Golf is just good for kids period. It doesn’t matter if they are playing for a championship or they are playing with their friends and having fun,” he said. “It is a great thing for kids.”

The coach for the golf team is Brock Pittsley.

A year ago, the Cowboys came close to qualifying for the state tournament with Zach Andersen missing by just one stroke at the regional tournament.

“I think one major positive is all of them will be back minus one person, that is very encouraging,” 2018 golf coach Cindy Hanson said after the season.

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