Killdeer holds new school meeting Wednesday

Killdeer Public School will be hosting another community night/school board meeting Wednesday in the school wrestling room devoted to the construction proposal to meet future student growth in the community. It will start at 5:30 p.m.


By Brad Mosher

The Herald


According to Killdeer Superintendent Gary Wilz, the meeting will try to finalize the survey to be sent out to the people.

“I think we are close on a final square footage number and additional tax related information,” the superintendent said Monday.

“In addition to the square footage, the architect will give some numbers on what the high school will look like and some additions and extra costs.” he explained.

“We are also going to be taking a look at the survey that is going to be mailed out too. The survey is being used to gauge the support and let us know if we are not going to be supported on the build. It is going to come down to the threshold of acceptance by the tax payers.”

If the survey doesn’t need a lot of reworking, then they are hoping to get it out to the public by the end of the next week, according to the superintendent.

“There will be the mail-out part, but also options to go online,” he added. “We will have links to it, but it will be outside and we will notify people on how to get to that (location).”

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