Killdeer skating party postponed

The skating party may have been postponed, the rink still remains.
The Killdeer Parks and Recreation Department had planned to have a skating party Sunday (Jan. 27) at the community’s outdoor rink in the baseball complex, but it was forced to be postponed the day before because of extreme weather predicted by the National Weather Service in Bismarck.

Staff Report

Originally, the plan was to have a skating party where children and parents could come to skate together with free hot chocolate, cookies and music for an afternoon.
It was a throwback to earlier times in Killdeer’s history where people would fill and create an outdoor rink in an area and allow Mother Nature to freeze it.
Now, the skating party has been postponed until later in February.
A spokesman for the Parks and Recreation Department said that it would not be on Feb. 3 because of the Super Bowl football game.
However, when the party is rescheduled, it will be on a Sunday, the spokesman added.
Even without the party, the open air makeshift rink is still open for people to use and the warming shed is open nearby, she added.
The rink is located east of town on Railroad Avenue.

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