Legislative update: Senate District 4

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District 4
Jordan Kannianen

Hello everyone, we are back to work after crossover break.
HB 1118 allows Federally recognized tribes to make their register available to county clerks if they choose for the purposes of jury selection.
The intent is to allow a potential jury pool that more accurately reflects the population of the area to create a “jury of our peers”.
It was given a Do Pass recommendation in the Judiciary committee.
HB 1201 clarifies that a recall election for a public official must be held at least one year before the next regularly scheduled election for that office.
An Attorney General’s opinion said there was ambiguity with the current law in whether the one-year restriction applied to the date when the recall petition was certified or the date of the recall election itself.
This bill clarified it pertained to the date of the recall election, and it passed on the Senate floor and goes to the Governor for his signature.
What are your thoughts on spending $50 million in Legacy Fund earnings to pay for the Teddy Roosevelt Presidential Library?
A propaganda poll was released which claims 64% of North Dakotans approve of the project ($100 million from private funds, $50 million from public funds), but we all know how polls can be skewed based on how the questions are asked.
I am against spending public funds on this project, but I’m curious what your thoughts are.
A new compact was signed by the Governor and Chairman Fox relating to the sharing of oil and gas taxes on Fort Berthold, and it is contingent on SB 2312 passing the House.
It would be a very good deal for all parties involved because of the certainty provided.
SB 2056, of which I was the prime sponsor, passed the House and goes to the Governor for his signature.
It places the approval of outreach programs electricians need to qualify to take the Journeyman’s license exam under the purview of the State Electrical Board instead of the Federal Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training.
This will allow NDSCS in Wahpeton and other programs to be approved to meet the apprentice education requirements.
Some electricians have become stuck in not being able to take the Journeyman’s exam because Federal training programs weren’t available to them with their employer or in their area.
This bill will help a number of electricians become qualified immediately to take their Journeyman’s exam based on coursework they’ve already completed but was not previously approved, and I’m very pleased with this passage.
Have a fantastic week, and I look forward to hearing from you.

Jordan Kannianen,
District 4 Senator
701.421.8813 (cell), jkannianen@nd.gov

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