Letter to the Editor: Multipurpose facility update

I would like to give an update on the progress of the High Plains Cultural Center.

Posted March 15, 2013

To the Editor,

I would like to give an update on the progress of the High Plains Cultural Center. What you see at the site is all paid for except for a $300,000 construction loan. The net worth of what you see is about $700,000 not counting what the land is worth. We currently have approximately $30,000 in the bank. There is about $ 50,000 in pledges that are still coming in and about $100,000 left of the $300,000 construction loan,

Our recent campaign which Dunn County residents received a letter for contributions yielded about $80,000, The engineer’s estimate to complete the project is about 1,7 million, The Dunn County Fair Board and HPCC building committee is very anxious to get the building finished so we can start to serve the needs of this area, but we need your help! Many people have stepped up and made very generous contributions. We hope that many of you who have not responded will do so soon. We have 501C3 status and naming opportunities available for certain levels of giving.

I would like to thank people and businesses from sister counties who helped us with our project, Stark, Billings and McKenzie counties have been very supportive to our cause.

The fair board and building committee wants to hear your concerns. We know that an increase in taxes is one of those concerns. This board feels this project can be completed and operated without too much burden on the taxpayers.

Please come to our open meetings which are the third Tuesday of every month in the basement of the county building or call one of the members of the board and voice your concerns or support. 701-863-6714 or 701-260-2387.

Terrald Bang

Dunn County Fairboard

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