Letter To the Editor: Oppose mountain drilling

Dear Editor, We appreciate the many benefits oil development has brought to our area.

Posted Jan. 18, 2013

We’re also concerned about the relentlessness and rapidity of the development, especially when it threatens areas precious to all North Dakotans. The Killdeer Mountains, which include both private and public lands, are among those areas.

We invite everyone who cares about the Killdeer Mountains to join the Killdeer Mountain Alliance:

“The Killdeer Mountain Alliance exists to preserve the cultural, spiritual, ecological, archaeological, and historical integrity of the Killdeer Mountains of western North Dakota and protect them from industrial development that harms the American Indian sites, plant and wildlife habitat, ranching, hunting, tourism, scenic beauty, and recreation for which the Killdeer Mountains are known and loved.”

If you’d like to help protect the Mountains, please contact us: Lori Jepson, 863-6653 or lorijepson@ndsupernet.com. Rob Sand, 863-7263 or killdeermtn@gmail.com.


Mary Sand

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