Local veterans honored with an appreciation dinner in Killdeer

Staff Report

Dozens of people came to the Ezra Barrows Post 46 of the American Legion Tuesday evening for a meal to appreciate the veterans who have served their country in uniform over many years.
Some of the veterans retired from the military after years of service, while others served for a short time.
Some served in peacetime.
Some served in wartime.
It also brought in local members of the veterans service community to explain some of the recent changes in the Veterans Aministration and programs which could impact veterans and their families.
Carolyn Benz, the veterans service officer for Dunn County, was one of the speakers, along with the VSO for Stark County, Jessica Clifton.
In addition, there were representatives from the North Dakota Military Outreach and the Family Assistance Center attending the dinner.
In addition to the veterans, their spouses and families, Benz also honored the man who drives Dunn County veterans to their appointments in Dickinson and other locations using the county’s veterans van.
According to information, there are 392 veterans in Dunn County, ranging in service from World War II, through Korea, the Vietnam era, the Gulf Wars, and into the current War on Terror.

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