Consolidated’s Rhonda Fitterer (left) helps move the equipment from the park in Dunn Center to a church basement.
HERALD/Brad Mosher


The move also forced a change in plans for the Dunn County Historical Society.
Herald/ Brad Mosher

Clouds in the sky are okay.
Lightning and rain?
That is just a little too much when it comes to holding an outdoor “Movies in the Park” night in Dunn Center July 17.
It was weather that turned the outdoor setting into a church basement when everything from the movie “Planet 51” to all the snacks and the equipment were quickly set up in the Normanna Lutheran Church basement.
Consolidated set up the Movies in the Park” and public relations manager Rhonda Fitterer made the decision to go indoors and show the animated movie on a sheet.


It was trivia time (above) before the movie “Planet 51” started to play in a church basement July 17, with Consolidated’s Rhonda Fitterer testing knowledge about the animated movie.
HERALD/Brad Mosher


















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