Newest commissioner sees big challenges ahead

Joann Marsh Brew

There is a new face on the Dunn County Board of Commissioners.

Joann Marsh Brew filled the vacancy created when she garnered more votes than the former board president Donna Scott in the November election.

By Brad Mosher

The Herald

“I kind of knew what I was getting into,” she said in a recent interview.

At a recent meeting, she was assigned a portfolio of subjects to focus on, she explained.

“It kind of narrows my focus a little bit  … which helps. There is a lot of things to think about.

“The number one thing is roads, naturally. That affects everybody in the county,” she explained.

In addition, she will be working on building projects in the county.

“There has been some discussion about a shop and whether or not we need to build a new shop. If we do, where do we need it? Where does it need to be?

“Part of that will be having someone look at what it is we need… what type of services do we need to provide to all of the people in the county,” she said.

For Marsh Brew, it is deciding what makes sense going forward.

“There is a lot of research that needs to be done before any decisions are to be made.”

In addition, the new commissioner will also be working on the park board.

“On some of the boards there are positions that need to be either re-appointments or be filled. It wasn’t in a portfolio before and now it is,” she explained.

Looking ahead, the commissioner said she hoped in the future that the local parks would be marketed more. “I would look at marketing Dunn County more because we have a lot to offer here.”

There are some seasonal possibilities which could be developed, she added, noting that when there is enough snow there could be cross country skiing.

“It is all depending on the snow. We do a lot of snowmobiling. Normally, we go out of the state to do snowmobiling because normally, there is not enough snow.

“Those kind of things are hard to promote because we don’t get near the snow we got years ago,” she said.

She said the county and the communities need to look at promoting the assets they have.

One thing she wants to focus on in her first year as a commissioner is improving communication between the county commissioners and the residents of the county.  “I think even a quarterly paper of some sort that we could send out to let them know the things that we (the commissioners and the county) are working on.

“I think the (commissioners) meeting should be televised so that residents can view what is going on,” she added.

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