Phone service down for landlines

Phone outage announced for landlines.


The Dunn County Emergency Management Office and the Dunn County Sheriff’s Office have announced that there will be phone outages on June 10 and June 17 for people using landlines.
On June 10 and June 17, landline phones in Dunn County will not be operable.
At that time you will not be able to make any 911 calls.
Cellular phones will not be affected.
If you are in an area that your cell coverage is not good you can text 911.
The cause of the disruption, according to the Dunn County Emergency Management Office and the Sheriff is that Consolidated has scheduled two maintenance windows for their telephone switch in June.
On Monday, June 10, the outage will be from 00:00 – 03:00 MDT. The full switch outage for 20-25 minutes.
On Monday June 17, the outage will be from 01:00 – 04:00 MDT. TDM trunks will be down for about 10 minutes.
According to a release from the county, the first window on the 10th will consist of enabling connectivity between the current switch and the new switch then moving switching functionality from the old to the new.
“At this point the new switch will be functioning, but the physical connects to the public switched telephone network will still be flowing through the old switch. We expect this transition to take between 20-25 minutes. During this time none of our dial-tone subscribers will be able to make any telephone calls – including 911.”
“On the 17th, we will be moving the physical connections from the old switch to the new switch. Trunks will be moved in groups and each trunk we be down for about 10 minutes. These trunks include connections to other carriers, long distance providers, and Century Link 911 services,” the release added.

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