A ‘Pop-Up’ with plenty of produce

The fire station just north of Highway 200 became an outdoor market recently when the Great Plains Food Banks stopped in Dunn Center for residents of Dunn County to get produce and other items.
HERALD photo / Brad Mosher



It was a quick “pop up” visit to Dunn Center May 10, but the Great Plains Food Bank will be back.


By Brad Mosher
The Herald


The truck filled with food stopped at the local fire station for several hours before boxes of produce, cereal, bread, and frozen meats were moved to city hall to be dispensed to local residents later.
The truck came to Dunn Center full of broccoli, carrots, potatoes, apples for people to select what they needed, according to a spokeswoman for the food bank, based in Bismarck.
Rachel Monge, the regional services manager, said the program is designed to help anyone in need of food assistance.
“This particular distribution was not part of our regular distribution. We have what is called ‘Pop Up Perishables’ which is a distribution program. Every month we take three to four semi loads out across the state.
“On that particular drop, half that semi went to Dunn Center and the other half was dropped in Beulah,” she said.
In the program’s new meal gap, Dunn County is still on our radar, she said. “We will be making Dunn County a quarterly stop with our other program, a mobile food pantry program with prepacked boxes and some perishable food.
“That will be starting in September,” she explained.
“We are going to do two stops in Dunn County and we are still working on the details,” Monge explained.
“I am pretty certain we will be stopping in Dunn Center again, where our second location will be is to be determined.”
The food bank is no stranger to Dunn County. “Over the last seven years we have made food stops in Killdeer, Twin Buttes, Dunn Center, Dodge and Halliday.
“We partner with the Dunn County Food Pantry in Killdeer.
“We are looking to do more work in Dunn County, bringing together communities and talking about what food insecurity looks like in Dunn County,” she added.
There could be some barriers for people, such as transportation, lack of local grocery stores to get to a food pantry.
The food bank will be holding town halls and coffees in the county to talk to local residents about how to best serve the people in the are, Monge said.
“Dunn County is fairly large and there is only one food pantry in the county,” she added.







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