School Board to decide which complex receives new upgrade

Late in the latest Killdeer Community meeting Jan. 29, one of the speakers asked for a show of hands.
One choice was to build an elementary school off-site.
The second choice was to build a high school off-site.
One of the choices prompted an overwhelming majority of hands from the people in the meeting.
If that is the way the project moves, then Killdeer will have a new secondary school complex offsite by late December in 2021.
According to Kyle Kvame, the business development director for Icon Architectural, there are two paths for the construction project to go.
“The referendum is kind of a target we have,” he told the audience. “We are at this point where there are a couple of different paths. Do you like any of it? Do you like all of it?” he asked the audience.
“We are trying to get your feedback now so that in February we’ll be writing a survey that will be sent out to the entire school district,” he said. Kvame added that the meetings with the community allow the project to be refined and focused on what the people in the community want and need.
“It is almost a vote before the vote,” he said.
“Today (Jan. 29), we need to know your feedback,” he explained. “We need to know this good… this isn’t good. This is too much this is not enough. So, we can have a direction,” he explained.
According to the Killdeer District Superintendent, Gary Wilz, no matter what is eventually decided there will be a cost to the students, teachers, parents and the district. “Whatever we do here is got to cost you, me and all the taxpayers in the district.
“Short of some philanthropy, the burden for this will be with low-interest construction loans through the state… or that we have a referendum and go to the people and say this is what we need in the way of funding for a new build, the district superintendent said.
The current school complex in the center of Killdeer is about 15 acres, including the football stadium and the parking. A new campus off site for a secondary school would need approximately 25 to 30 acres, he said. “That would include a football field, the parking lots and space back by the shop area,” he said.
According to Kvame, the probable cost to the property owners would be about $300 annually for each $100,000 in assessed valuation.

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