Sheriff, Deputies help serve lunch at Twin Buttes School during recent visit

Dunn County Sheriff Gary Kuhn and some of his deputies went to the School in Twin Buttes and helped serve lunch Feb. 8.

They also sat with and ate with the students.

Afterward, the Sheriff and the deputies went into the classrooms and visited with them.

“The children were excited to talk about some of the things they were learning.

“We would like to thank Three Affiliated Tribes School Resource Officer Dustin Krueger for allowing us to join him,” a spokesman for the Sheriff Department said in a release

This completes the first round of visits to all of the schools in Dunn County. According to the spokesman, it is Sheriff Gary Kuhn’s goal for the Sheriff’s Office to be more involved in the schools. We certainly plan on going back!

We have a great time interacting with the children,” the spokesman said.

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