To the Editor: ‘Public’ input meeting

May I say, I am NOT an eloquent extemporaneous speaker.

Posted March 15, 2013

Citizens of Dunn County,

May I say, I am NOT an eloquent extemporaneous speaker. It upsets me that reporters for the Dunn County Herald chose to sensationalize my poorly put remarks from the NDDOT “input” meeting 19 FEB 2013, while completely ignoring my pertinent and damning remarks regarding Killdeer’s request for a truck bypass.

First, I was very disturbed by the tone of the “public” input meeting in Killdeer 19 FEB 2013.

This is a city’s problem expecting rural “sacrifice” to make things better.

What was MORE disturbing, was to find that NDDOT had already taken a quietly, poorly advertised meeting with area “businessmen” and “developers”.

HDR Engineering officials stated NDDOT had wanted to know what business plans and development plans were in store for Killdeer. NDDOT didn’t want to disrupt any of those “business plans” with a route near Killdeer.

Once again, NDDOT marginalizes farmers and ranchers as if they were not businessmen, or had any development plans of their own.

For your information, my family’s business plan was in place in 1913, several years before Killdeer was incorporated. My grandfather came from Norway in 1903…ON HIS OWN, as a 14 year-old man. He worked in logging camps in Minnesota, saving money toward his dream.

He came west to Dickinson by train, then hiked north, with a pack, tools, and a tent, to what would be the Killdeer area to stake and prove a claim, and start his life as a “businessman”. By 1930, my grandfather had accumulated all the land present day NDDOT proposed routes might destroy.

Here are my observations on Killdeer’s “problem.”:
MUCH of Killdeer’s truck traffic problem is SELF-INFLICTED , due in large part, to their greed selling water to the oil industry. Much of their traffic problem would go away if they stopped selling water.

Furthermore, pipelines, rail heads, and new types of frack water storage systems are going to, in short order, halve the number of trucks needed to produce a well.

Who, may I ask, is in charge of NDDOT strategic planning? Why would they spend 11.5 million dollars on a roundabout, and then make it irrelevant within a year, by constructing a bypass? Ironically, the $800 four-way stop sign planted in the muddy bypass of the roundabout construction site served us all quite well this summer. At least cars had equal footing with trucks with that system. Now, trucks barrel into the roundabout, knowing full well car drivers will by necessity, yield to their bullying.

A child of 10 could understand that trucks need fuel, and drivers need food, and as always, “time is money” to a contract hauler. No trucker would be so foolish as to drive an 8-mile circuitous by-pass route, when a straight path lies through town, no matter HOW SLOW the speed is posted.

Killdeer and NDDOT made no friends in the rural community at this meeting.We rural residents now understand how little city fathers and business people care for their rural counterparts.

You have, I feel, started a war. I hope you are up to the task of finishing the fight.

Kent C. Rogne

Box 149

Killdeer ND 58640

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