Weather making roads, travel dangerous

Road crews from the state, Killdeer and Dunn County have been out trying to keep the local roads clear for holiday traffic. The Dunn County road department handles county roads, while the city takes care of roads within the city limits and the state takes care of the highways. Herald photo / Brad Mosher

The recent cold weather and snowstorms have exaserbated what the assistant superintendent for Dunn County Roads Department already knew.

By Brad Mosher

The Herald

It is dangerous on the  roads that the county agency try to maintain and keep clear, according to Del Olson.

There are three agencies in charge of maintaining local roads.

The state’s Department of Transportation is responsible for the state highways (200, 22, 8) in the county, while the City of Killdeer is responsible for the roads and streets within the city limits.

The county road department maintains the county roads.

According to Olson, there was more impact to the north of Killdeer from the storm which hit after Christmas.

“It seems like the northern part up here is a little heavier than down south, but we are trying to fight the drifting (snow) and keep our pavements clear,” he said.

“We hope people will slow down and drive to the conditions. There (the roads) are not ice free. The pavement has got a little bit here and there.”

The snow plows have been busy all over Dunn County as the county, state and City of Killdeer road departments have been battling drivers and weather to keep the roads open. – Herald photo / Brad Mosher

The accident just north of Killdeer city limits Dec. 27 was just an example of how dangerous the roads can be, he added.

“We normally work 4 (a.m.) to 10, but this time of year we got to come in.

“East of Killdeer we have got a lot of snow on the road and have to try to get the roads open.

“North of Halliday and north of Dunn Center, we have some heavy spots out there.

“South of Manning, the guys did a pretty good job today (Dec. 27). I think they got a lot of it taken care of,” he said.

“We don’t mess with the state highways. We have got all the gravel and county roads.”

Olson said that there was about eight inches of snow on the ground.

“Its a challenge.

“I just hope people have a little patience and watch out for the equipment working the roads,” he said.

According to Olson, safety is one of the department’s main concerns.

“In the summer, we have had issues where we have been out trying to blade roads, put down new gravel and some of the people just don’t get it.

“They just have no patience and go in the ditches, whatever t takes, to go around them.”

The roads are in pretty good shape, Olson said. “Compared to what we thought it was going to be…but there is still a lot of work to do.

“People just need to slow down and let us get it cleaned off.”

He’s hoping that whenever his vehicles are on the road that the drivers will be careful.

“Most of our blade and sand trucks that we run on the 50 miles of pavement … hopefully, they’ll see the flashing lights and realize that these guys are trying to make the roads better for them,” he added.

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