West Dunn gets big new weapon in its firefighting arsenal

West Dunn Fire Rescue had a new delivery March 27. Herald photos / Brad Mosher

With a bright orange paint, and a Cowboy on the side, it is hard to miss Killdeer’s latest acquisition.

But it is more than a brand new weapon for the West Dunn Fire District.

By Brad Mosher

The Herald

It has been equipped with a high-pressure system which allows the vehicle to use just 50 gallons to put out a fire that would otherwise take hundreds of gallons and several lines to extinguish.

That alone can mean a lot to firefighters on the line.

The Enforcer model aarived just before sundown March 27, with the firefigghters immediately being briefed by a company representative and loading supplies onto the new unit.

West Dunn Fire Rescue wasted no time before learning the intricacies of a new control system in the cab to loading new hoses. Herald photo / Brad Mosher

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